Led rides

Hub+Spoke @ Harlow Museum

As your local Community Cycling organisation our led rides are at the heart of what we do.

Harlow is a great place to get cycling, with over 30 miles of traffic-free cycle tracks around the town and linking it with the River Stort, River Lea, National Cycle Route 1, and the quiet lanes of West Essex and East Herts.

We love seeing new riders get going for the first time, welcome riders back in the saddle after a break in time and the regular rider get cycling further than they thought possible.

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about riding in a group, or you are getting back on the bike after a long time, or after injury or illness, try a one-to-one session with one of our ride leaders. They can help you regain your confidence and your stamina back on your bike.

Our rides will not only take you around Harlow, including the many Sculptures for which the town is famous, but also down into the Lea Valley Park as far as The Olympic White Water Centre and occasionally a summertime expedition down to the Olympic Park itself.

We ride for leisure and companionship so we pace our rides to suit the slowest rider and nobody is ever left behind.  There is always a break for a “cuppa” half way.  Our ride Leaders are there to help with punctures and minor mechanical problems.


All our Led Rides are Free!

No bike? No problem!

We have hire bikes available at

£3.00 per ride 

Every Saturday leaving

Hub+Spoke @ Harlow Museum


Rides supported by:


Easy Does It

Easy Does It Sculpture Ride

For beginner/returner rider.

Distance: 8 to 12 miles

Pace: 7 to 10mph

Duration: 1 to 2 hours.

A gentle amble around our local, traffic free routes at a pace where conversation can be maintained. Includes a visit to one of Harlow’s many sculptures where Roger will talk about the sculpture and its artist.  Longer rides may take you out to Roydon along the River Stort.

Including a “cuppa” stop.



Further & Faster

Intermediate Ride

For intermediate level rider.

Distance: 15 to 20 miles

Pace: 9 to 12mph

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Designed to get you out into the quiet country lanes in and around Harlow going a little further out into West Essex and East Herts.  A little more challenging than the Easy Does It ride and you may find yourself getting a little out of breath as you begin to build strength and stamina on the bike.  Including a “cuppa” stop.

Fast Not Furious

 Further and Faster

For improved level rider.

Distance: 20 to 30 miles

Pace: 10 to 14mph

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Designed for those who have progressed to into the more experienced rider. They will get you out into the quiet country lanes further into Essex and Herts countryside. A little more challenging than intermediate rides, we go that bit further out of Harlow with a bit more distance and pace.

Including a “cuppa” stop.

Family Fun Ride

 A ride to feed the ducks! For family groups with children of any age. However, all riders must be able to manage 45 minutes – one hour of gentle slow cycling. Fun for all the family.

Contact us on 01279 431333

Saturday; times on request

Women Only Rides

Exactly what it says on the tin! Rides for women including Easy Does It “drop in sessions”, Further & Faster, and Fast not Furious rides. By women, for women.

Contact us on 01279 431333


Excluding our family rides and beginner rides, we ask that all riders make themselves familiar with our guidelines for riding as part of a group (click on each section to expand):

  • Before you ride:

    check your bike is the right size for you;

    check your bike is suitable for the type of riding you will be doing;

    check your bike is safe to ride using the M-check, or ABC-check;

    if you wear a helmet, ensure it is undamaged, and fits well;

    check the weather, and dress appropriately;

    dress in layers, no baggy or loose trousers;

    wear suitable shoes with laces tucked in;

    make your ride leader aware of any medical issues you may have e.g. asthma, diabetes etc.

    Always carry with you:

    a spare inner tube of correct size and valve type;

    a pump and puncture repair kit;

    a drink, and emergency snack;

    any emergency medication you may need e.g. asthma inhaler, insulin pen;

    money for the tea and cake stop!

  • During the ride:

    on roads, always follow the Highway Code and be courteous to all road users;

    on cycle lanes and shared use paths, be aware of other cyclists and give pedestrians priority;

    on tow paths, always give priority to walkers and use your bell (two rings) when approaching people from behind;

    always remember,  your bell is for saying ‘hello I’m here’ not ‘out the way I’m coming through!’;

    always tell a ride leader, or co-rider if you are experiencing any problems;

    always inform the ride leader if you choose to go home early;

    always follow instructions from your ride leader. Our ride leaders may be giving instruction for individual, or group safety;

    most of all, enjoy your ride, smile, and have fun!!!

  • Please give feedback to your ride leader, it is important to us that we pitch our rides correctly, and your input helps ensure we do!